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Risk Assessment Error

Risk of WeatherJust because helicopters can fly places that other planes cannot, does not mean that they should necessarily do that.  Further, because of the things that they can be demanded to do during flight, considerably more care must be exercised in making decisions as to when and where they should fly.  Restricted visibility accounts for more than 40% of all civilian helicopter crashes.  While that is partially the pilot's error, the institution that put the pressure on that pilot also has accountability, in addition to that company also being responsible for the such acts of all of their employee pilots.

Other parties that might be at fault in a crash include the company that sold the aircraft or component, the flight school that trained the pilot, the owner or lessor of the helicopter.  In addition, in certain situations, it Risk Assessmentcould be the United States government, for air traffic control issues. In some cases, it is the owner of an obstruction, such as a cell phone tower, that might be responsible.

Other unique situations may occur. It is imperative that your attorney have experience to see what unique liability facts might dictate.

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