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The Legal Process 

In  a perfect world, the companies that are responsible for death and injury in helicopter crashes, would own up to responsibility, and pay full and fair compensation.  That does not  happen.  Even in a case where it is clear how much should be paid (and that is rarely true) it is almost never clear all of the responsible parties and where the actual compensation should come from (such as all of the available insurance). 

In most cases of aviation disasters, including helicopter crashes, there are insurance policies to pay damages, but at times, the amount of the  policy on the most obvious at fault party,  is not sufficient to pay just compensation for all those injured or killed.  We believe that the only practical way for a claimantHelicopter to get just compensation is to be represented by legal counsel. It is imperative that legal counsel with the kind of aviation experience that the Nolan Law Group be retained. It is also important that such counsel be ready to file a lawsuit, to make sure that all of the appropriate defendants answer for their wrongful conduct.

Without a lawsuit, there will be no way to get all of the documents, sworn statements of all parties involved, full resolution of all of the issues and a clear indication that the claimants intend to pursue all of their remedies against wrongdoers, to the fullest.

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