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The Investigative Process

While the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) may be conducting its own investigation, the Nolan Law Group believes in being proactive and independent in terms of determining the actual cause of a helicopter crash. While the government has certain powers in investigating any Helicoptercrash, the formal process of “discovery” after a lawsuit has been filed, is perhaps the single most important thing that can be done to assure proper responsibility and accountability is determined. Discovery in a lawsuit will include detailed and ongoing document requests, the power of subpoena and perhaps most important - the opportunity to take depositions. A deposition is a sworn statement taken in a near court like atmosphere, where the attorneys of the Nolan Law Group have the chance to Helicopter in Flightinterrogate and cross examine the principal accident witnesses, corporate personnel, designers, maintenance people and investigators on the scene. It is thru this deposition process that we are able to flush out the critical facts of what happened in the design, manufacture, maintenance and operation of a helicopter. As part of such process, we coordinate the evolving facts with our team of experts, to find the true wrongdoers.

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