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If the reason you are here is because your loved one has been killed or injured in a helicopter crash, we must tell you how bad we feel for your sorrow. We wish that you had no need for the information on this page, but if you do, it is our goal to provide you with the best information on understanding why this crash occurred and seeking justice for the wrongdoing that happened to your family as a result.

Were there no tragedies in helicopter crashes, there would be no need for this page. But if you need a lawyer in this time of tragedy, we hope that we can show you that the Nolan Law Group has the empathy, skill and perseverance to do the best job to compensate your family for the wrongdoing of others.

While the words accident and crash are used interchangeably, we do subscribe to the belief, that there are no true accidents involving helicopters. Helicopters, like all aircraft, should not crash. If they do, it is not an accident, it is the result of the wrongdoing of someone, be that the pilot, the maintenance crew, the company that built or designed the helicopter or the company that chose to put that helicopter in the air, under those circumstances. Though the nature of the challenges that helicopters are designed to undertake do expose them to more risks, those risks are all known and the crashes occur because some person, or some entity, didn’t properly account for those known risks. They do not account for a nearly five time higher accident rate than in fixed wing aircraft.

We at the Nolan Law Group believe our extensive experience and long history of representing the families of those devastated by airline disasters, makes us uniquely qualified to help you at this time.


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